Welcome to Axis LED Lights, a better way to buy direct. Your source for the future of lighting. Our high quality LED chips and patented driver technology encapsulated in an aluminum body illuminates up to 145 lumens per watt directionally at 240 degrees through our superior shatterproof lens. 50,000 hours of cost saving, energy reducing, eco-friendly lighting that’s DLC listed and UL rated with less than .01% failure rate… now that’s smart!

You can’t afford to wait any longer. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Axis LED are committed to customer service and guarantee satisfaction. Axis team members are trusted logistics experts in the lighting industry who will go the extra mile to ensure quality consulting, easy order processing, rapid turnaround and delivery from multiple U.S. warehouse locations. Contact a team member today to discuss Axis LED volume discounts and credit terms.

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The LED lighting revolution with Axis is a better way to buy direct. Through strategic planning and business partnership, Axis has created a new segment to LED pricing and manufacturing possibilities. Axis LED’s MADE in USA product lines offer the highest quality product at low direct prices. BAA compliant, DLC listed, and UL rated products made right here in the U.S.A. With a minimum 40% discount over the competition you’ll realize a sound return on investment like never before.


Axis Led Lighting is committed to Sustainable Illumination.  Our manufacturing processes and products are green, and the LEDs we manufacture reduce energy use and carbon emissions.